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  1. What are the five things that the youth should do to make India unstoppable?

    You want only five things, I have twenty five things.
    1. The youngsters today should be proud of their roots. If they are not proud of their roots then that will show up as a weakness in their personality. So take pride in your roots, then your ...

  2. Dear Gurudev, what is the key to keep a good friendship?

    Not demanding anything from the friends, and telling them I’m here to support you.
    Just believe in one thing: what you need you will get. The giver is somebody else, so don’t demand love. When you demand love you are destroying love ...

  3. In a practical and immediate way, what can we do to combat terrorism? Can people say special mantras or prayers to help erase the horrible violence?

    We need to bring unity in diversity. Terrorism is just lack a of education in spirituality. the root cause is that and it has to be nipped at the bud. Schools and colleges should have a broad spectrum of knowledge. Every child should know a little bit a ...

  4. Gurudev, I love my soul mate so much, that I fear that it does not leave much room for me to love the Divine.

    I have no experience of a soul mate.
    Why not? I don’t think there is any hindrance. If you have a soul mate, and you found some new love, you can as well see that as a gift to you.
    Your friends are a gift, your partner is a gift to you ...

  5. Gurudev, Why do people cheat? Is it because they don't love their spouse?

    No! Not everybody who loves cheats, but anyone who cheats, it is because they love their wife or husband very much.
    Do you know why? If there is a fight between truth and love, love will win, truth will fail. Cheating means what? Telling ...
  6. Gurudev, how do I explain the idea of success to my children in simple straight words?

    Children do not mind success or failure. For kids I would say leave them as they are and don’t try to put a concept of success or failure in their minds. Let them experience life in totality; as it comes to them.

    For adults I have a different formula. ...

  7. Gurudev, Is politics dirty?

    Nothing is dirty by itself. It is the people who make it dirty! If people with the wrong mindset get into it, then they make it dirty. However, if youth with the right attitude get into it, they can make it better.

    How many cricket lovers are here? Don’ ...

  8. Gurudev, how to discourage teenagers from social drinking?

    Tell them it is the most dangerous thing, whether it is social drinking or private drinking, it doesn't matter. Just say no to that, that’s it, finished!
    In fact you should take pride in saying, ‘No’ in a social circle.
    If you attach pride to it, ...
  9. Gurudev, when there is love, why suffering is also there in a relationship?

    Love with wisdom is bliss. Love without knowledge or wisdom is pain. Why is there pain in love? That is what you are wondering or questioning about! It is not love which is giving you pain. If it is just purely love, that means you just care for someone, y ...
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