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  1. There are so many people in the world, why is there such little humanity?

    No, that is only a perception. Whatever is your perception, that is how you see things. If you see things from my perception, you will see humanity everywhere.
    Those who we classify as wrong people, there is humanity in them also; it is ...
  2. Love! The Question Of An Answer

    In a congregation, Sri Sri asked, " How many of you are feeling strong?" Many people raised their hands. Sri Sri: "Why?" Because YOU are with us!!! Sri Sri: "Only those who feel weak can surrender". All those who were feeling ...
  3. Wise Are The One Who Make You Cry For The Divine

    Unfortunate are those who cry for the world. Fortunate are those who cry for the Divine. Unwise are those who make you cry for the world. Wise are those who make you cry for the Divine. The source of conflict is the division of "mine" and " ...
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