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  1. Gurudev, you had tweeted two days back, ‘Celebrate with the inner stillness amidst all chaos and take full responsibility. Awaken the little Krishna in deep rest, because it is time to get witty, seriously! Inculcate wisdom playfully’. Please speak about this.

    Yes, celebrate with the inner stillness amidst all the chaos outside. So when there is chaos outside, you find that inner stillness. Wisdom should not be a burden on the head. It should be very natural. So you should become playful through wisdo ...
  2. Dear Gurudev, Muslims in Pakistan are peace loving people, so how can we eliminate terrorism from Pakistan?

    To prevent terrorism, we need to see how we can establish communication and bring some sense into the minds of terrorists. Second is, we need to accept diversity and enjoy diversity. Diversity is not a matter of conflict or contention, it is a ma ...
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