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  1. Dear Guruji, Sage Ashtavakra says in his Ashtavakra Gita that we are not the doer. Yoga Vasistha says that self-control is necessary for self-realization. This seems contradictory. Can you please shed some more light on this?

    Truth is contradictory. Truth is multi-dimensional. It appears to be conflicting and contradicting, but is really not.
    To come to this place, there could be one direction, which says, ‘Go straight and then turn left’. But if you come from another dire ...
  2. See the divine in yourself

    You are stupid if you don't see the Divine in me. If you see the Divine in me you cannot but be a part of me and you cannot be away from me. And if you feel a part of me you can only see the Divine in yourself. And if you can see the Divine in yourse ...
  3. The fall that raises

    You only see the fall of the water. You don’t see how the Ocean becomes the Cloud. The ocean becoming the cloud is a secret, but the cloud becoming the ocean is obvious. In the world only a few can notice your inner growth and height, but your outer expre ...
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