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  1. Gurudev, I read somewhere that if a person commits the biggest of the biggest crimes, but does not feel guilty about it or regret it, his karma is not marked (meaning that the negative karma does not bind him). But if someone makes a small mistake, and instantly regrets it, his karma gets marked. Is that true?

    It is not just about regretting. There is something more to this. It is being aware of the non-doer spirit within you. There are 2 things within everyone. One is the doer, one is the non-doer. When your identity is completely with the non-doing aspect with ...
  2. Gurudev, what is the difference between tendency (Prakriti), and crime (desire to harm). If love and service is our natural tendency, then why is crime increasing?

    Lack of spiritual education, lack of human values in society.
    People are stressed and they have never been taught how to release the stress, and so crime is happening.
    As I said, if you talk to these convicts in the prison, you’ll find that they’ ...
  3. Gurudev, There are some people who say, 'A little bit of wine is okay, even Lord Shiva had wine'. How do we tackle such statements?

    People do whatever they want to do and they put it in the name of religion, or God to justify themselves.
    Simply look at your life, forget about others. If Shiva had alcohol, he must have had problems as well.
    See those five people who did that t ...
  4. Gurudev, You just said that alcohol is the main reason behind the Delhi gang rape case. But today, there have been cases of young girls being raped by their own fathers. In those cases, it is not just alcohol. What is the bigger problem?

    Correct, it is not alcohol which is the main reason behind this case.

    Sex offenders have primarily three issue. One is hormone issues, where there could be some serious hormonal imbalances in them.
    Second is emotional disturbances. The person must ...

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