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  1. Gurudev, how to be diplomatic and what is the art of getting your work done?

    Being diplomatic is seeing the point from the other person’s angle as well. Getting into the other person’s shoes and looking at the situation. Being a little more sensible. Diplomacy is being sensitive and sensible at the same time.

    Man ...

  2. My son has been diagnosed with bipolar for five years. He is my only son and I have been suffering every moment of his pain. I was a very happy woman before this but now I am on 150mg of anti-depressants. Now, I want you to assure me there will be no sicknesses like manic depression or any other sicknesses that are incurable.

    Yes, I understand your pain.
    Sometimes a little depression comes and a person is given heavy doses of medicines and then it becomes worse. I have seen this happening.
    Small simple depression turns into manic depression and then they put them on L ...
  3. Gurudev, where do emotions arise from? Are they of the body or of the mind?

    Emotions are in the mind, but there is a corresponding hormone or sensation in the body. So it is a combination of both.
    If your adrenal gland starts working very fast, then you feel fear and nervousness. All those emotions rise up.
    So different ...
  4. You once said the body is in the mind, not the other way around. Please explain what you mean by this.

    I give a very simple example to a layman. When you light a candle and keep it inside a glass, the flame remains only as long as there is oxygen inside the glass. In the same way, if you put a man or a woman in a room and lock them up, they will be alive on ...
  5. Whenever I sit for Sadhana, my mind wanders here and there. What should I do to control the mind?

    Listen, consider your life itself as your Sadhana. Think of your whole life as your Sadhana.
    Where does the mind wander? It goes wherever it finds fulfillment. So observe the next time this happens, ‘Is my mind wandering to where I find fulfillment?’ ...
  6. How to get rid of negative habits of the mind?

    Good company. The real friend is one with whom you sit for some time, you talk negative and then you turn positive. A bad friend is one with whom you talk a little negative and the negativity becomes much bigger. So, first is good company, second is pran ...
  7. I want to lose my mind, what do I do?

    Just sit here when the hollow and empty meditation is happening and the mind automatically dissolves. Your wanting to lose it is the problem. Just be! However the mind is let it be. If it is full of garbage say, ‘Okay, let it be.’
    All the garbage in y ...
  8. Where is the boundary for the mind and soul? Until where is the mind, from where does the soul start?

    Like there are waves and the ocean. Just as there are waves in the ocean, mind is in the soul. So the mind is not a different entity. It is the wave of the ocean. It comes up a little bit and then calms down, again comes up and then calms down. ...
  9. I often wonder why God has made us so complicated. Firstly we are given mind that wanders and then we tame it. Why not bestow us with a tamed mind.

    Why are you are so lazy that you don't want to do anything?
    Nature wants you to do something, take some responsibility.
    This is like asking, ‘Why you are making a jigsaw puzzle? Just get it readymade, fixed all at once.’
    The jigsaw puzzle is ...
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