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  1. Gurudev, Devi Chandika’s vaahana (chariot) is shown to be a shava (dead body). What is its significance?

    The one you consider as a dead body is also not completely inert. There also is a vibration, a consciousness, a power. We can say that there is no consciousness to a certain degree, but to say that there is no power at all is not correct. There is power ev ...
  2. From many stories I understand you are omnipresent and all knowing. This sometimes makes me feel a little fearful that you know all about the mistakes I make. What is your attitude towards the mistakes? Are you angry when you see me making these mistakes over and over again?

    Not at all.
    Do you know that devotees are more powerful than the Guru himself? Do you know this? It is so. You must have heard of my Guru stories, but I have many devotee stories. I will share one with you. In the last week of November, I was touring i ...
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