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  1. Gurudev, I am a professional writer. Should I write stories for the commercial market or should I stay faithful to my own art, write what I deeply feel about, which possibly may not sell?

    Why do you have to choose between these two? Why don’t you do both? Write for commercial purposes, and write something that is very immortal, to go for times to come.
    (Ans: But Gurudev, I have an identity. Either I hold on to my identity, ...

  2. Gurudev, I am very passionate towards my goal. But while working to achieve it, I become frustrated and desperate. How to handle that?

    As I said, you need passion, dispassion and compassion. Only passion will not help. Along with passion, dispassion is also essential. ...
  3. Gurudev, please talk about passion and the lack of passion.

    Passion is essential in life but it cannot be constant.
    There are always ups and downs in passion. The intensity of passion will go up sometimes and then come down, and then again go up, and that is healthy.
    Usually what happens is that when your ...
  4. Passion and Self- Reliance

    Passion makes you weak. Dispassion is strength. For your passion to be fulfilled, you have to depend upon so many things. Passion and self-reliance do not appear to go together. If you are passionate, you have to forget about being self-reliant. If you wa ...
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