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  1. How can a person build up faith? Or is it a talent with which one is born with?

    You cannot build up faith, you should simply become aware of your doubts and drop them. When you drop your doubts, faith is already there.
    A doubt is like a cloud hovering over the mind. Wake up and realize, 'What is this doubt? It is o ...

  2. What is faith?

    That which withstands all doubts is faith. Your doubt is always about something that is POSITIVE. You doubt the honesty of somebody, you never doubt the dishonesty of someone. You doubt the love of somebody, not the hate of anyone. You doubt your happin ...

  3. Gurudev, I fear the death of my near and dear ones. Please tell me how I can overcome my fear.

    Is there anyone who in this world who does not belong to you? Who is a stranger to you? Just observe. This is where your faith in God becomes important. Just believe in God, know that He is there and He will take care of everything for you. He will protect ...
  4. Gurudev, When faith is running low and I am not able to keep up with sadhana (spiritual practice), what do I do?

    Nothing, just wake up and see there is nothing, that’s it!
    However life is, you have to bear the cross. This itself is very good wisdom. It gives you strength.
    Whenever you want to escape from a situation, and you are finding a way to get out of ...
  5. Gurudev, How to increase faith in myself and in the Divine?

    Forget about it!
    Don’t try to increase faith. Wanting to increase faith is the problem. Know that you have as much as you need.
    However big is your cup, that much is already there. Relax, and you’ll find your cup is full. You can’t hold more than ...
  6. Gurudev, What is the significance of the shraadh ceremonies?

    Shraadh is doing some good deeds with faith, in the memory of those who have crossed over to the other side.
    The tradition started as an activity related to feeding the poor, taking care of them, and giving them some gifts. However, any good d ...
  7. Gurudev, how to live life with absolute confidence that Guru or God is there to take care of me when I have surrendered?

    There is no way you can do it! You simply have to bear the cross. ‘Whatever happens, happens’, just say that and then see what happens.

    If you're trying to bring in confidence, it doesn't work at all.
    ‘I want to keep my faith’, what faith d ...

  8. Gurudev, it is very easy to be grateful when things are going well. How to feel grateful and be aware of your grace when things are not going well?

    Remember how in the past tough times have become easier. You sailed through the tough times. That will give you the confidence and instill stronger faith in you. ...
  9. Gurudev, Jai Gurudev! When work gets done very well with trust and faith then we feel very good, but sometimes something bad happens or we have a bad experience then at such time how should one handle such situations with trust and faith?

    See this is how things happen in life. There are some good things and some bad things, and some unfortunate events also happen. We should not stop, just continue to move ahead.
    If you sit and analyze, do a post mortem, then more time gets wasted.
  10. Gurudev, How to get a faith that never shakes?

    If it is true faith, let it shake.
    Truth will never go, and if the faith is with the truth, let it shake. It will never get lost.
    In fact, you should doubt as much as possible.
    You can say, 'Don’t doubt', only when a thing is not a genuine t ...
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