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  1. Dear Gurudev, my mother says that God is in our hearts, and if anything is wrong, all I have to do, is look inside and pray. But what about the thousands of children who pray and still don’t survive?

    Yes, that is part of nature. There are more secrets to it.
    How a baby is born, and why it stays only for a short period of time, is a highly guarded secret. You will understand them one day.
    Many times, after the baby is born, the love between th ...
  2. Is being gay an impression of the mind?

    It could be, or it could also be biological.

    You are made up of both, male and female, chromosomes. If the female chromosomes in you are active, but the body is male, then the tendencies can change. However, it is not for a lifetime. These tendencies m ...

  3. The Moon circles around the Earth, the Earth circles around the Sun, some circle around money and power. Now I find myself circling around you. What is the significance of these circles?

    Now that you have found out what you're doing, you only explain what is its significance and why do you do it?
    I think it is because of the attraction that the Earth has for the Sun that it is going around the Sun, and the moon has for us and so it is ...
  4. Gurudev, I am 21 years old and a lot of girls are attracted to me. My teacher tells me that they are attracted to the Guru energy in me. How do I handle this?

    21 is too young for you to make any decision.
    You have many choices, but you have to wait for a couple of years to make a choice, okay!

    See, if nobody gets attracted to you, then it is a problem. If people are getting attracted to you, you find th ...

  5. Gurudev, how to save oneself from attraction?

    The very thought of saving oneself from attraction itself applies the brakes on it. Understand it this way. It is good. There should be brakes in a car; otherwise you will land up in trouble someday, okay.
    And have a firm belief that life is full of l ...
  6. Today is krishna's birth of the center of attraction

    Krishna means the most attractive. It is the divinity that is the most attractive; the energy that pulls everything to it. Krishna is the formless center which is everywhere. Any attraction from anywhere is coming only from Krishna. Often people fail to s ...
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