Yoga in Village

Experience some ‘village yoga’ – people in the village naturally perform yoga postures as part of their daily work – activities like filling water from a well, grinding grain, tilling the earth stretches their arms and waist as they breathe accordingly in rhythm. In the village people lead a far more healthy and happy life. Not only is the green environment conducive to such wellness, the chores the average village woman performs in her home or the farmer performs manually in the fields keeps them fit physically and mentally.

A day in the life of a villager is a lesson in yogic postures for every yoga enthusiast and Village Yoga takes you on a journey that is fresh and exciting! In a fun and benefiting sequence of exercises one is taught to mimic the daily activities of a villager such as:

  • Sweeping with a broomstick
  • Grinding wheat in a stone flourmill
  • Washing clothes with hands
  • Pulling a bucket of water from the well

These simple yoga asanas have many benefits

  • They simultaneously exercise the upper and lower parts of the body
  • These yoga asanas stretch the muscles and flex the body

Yoga in the village is more fun when you perform these yoga asanas in a group! Though these yoga postures might seem too easy - try doing the same action for a few minutes and you will know better about life in the village!!