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  1. The Secret of Secrets

    A secret kept to yourself takes you deeper to the subconscious layers This is continued from the previous Secrets of Meditation post … In Quantum Physics, everything is only atoms, a wave function, just energy. There are striking similarities between Quan ...
  2. Questions on Meditation

    Q-1: How to quiet the voice inside my head while meditating? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There are several things you can do about it. First is accepting it and not fighting with it. You fight with it and feel that you should not have this noise. The more you w ...
  3. Art Excel- Programa para niños

    La Paz comienza conmigo Arte Excel despierta en ellos su potencial más profundo. Creatividad y Alegría! Art Excel- Programa para niños "En este curso he hecho nuevos amigos, hicimos juegos y aprendí yoga y otras técnicas de respiración. La respiració ...
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