Disaster relief - Testimonial15

"Being able to finally let go of the awful images of blood and gore of the past, was literally the gift of life as it brought me out of the fatalist, suicidal depression that I had fallen into. I felt transformed and healed and ready, for the first time in my life to help others.Art of Living had started a tution centre for the students in Nagapattinam.Every day we finished the classes at 6pm and had satsang. The children became very energetic and enthusiastic after satsang. In the early morning Rajendran, another IAHV-Art of Living volunteer, taught students yoga in the tution centre. The students showed a lot of improvement in their studies after joining the tution centre. IAHV-Art of Living volunteers encouraged me to continue my education. Now my main aim is to become a good teacher. Whatever I earn after I become a teacher will be for my younger brother".

  Tamil Nadu