Ethno-political conflict, Ossetia (August 2008)

Peace in Times of Conflict

Ossetia, (August 2008)

Since August 2008, the region has witnessed tension and clashes on the brink of war between Georgia and South Ossetia. Despite numerous peace efforts, the ethno-political conflict in South Ossetia, which began in 1989, remains unresolved.

Trauma Relief to Military, Peacekeepers, Civilians

Against this backdrop, The Art of Living stepped in to bring solace to people traumatized by the conflict. A team of volunteers from Russia, including doctors and psychologists, has been working round-the-clock in Tskhinvali since August 20, 2008.

Nearly 1,500 people have benefited from the trauma relief sessions, which include breathing techniques and meditation. So far, 200 Russian military soldiers, 80 Russian peacekeepers and 200 South Ossetian peacekeepers, directly in the line of firing have attended the sessions. Around 1,000 people including civilians, teachers, school children, doctors, journalists, and staff of the Presidential administration have also experienced benefits from The Art of Living’s interventions.

Volunteering Continues Inspite of War

Despite the fierce fighting between Russian forces and South Ossetian separatists on one side and Georgian forces on the other, the volunteers are staying put and attending to people from all walks of life. The effort is being hailed and supported by the Minister of Health Care, South Ossetia and the Presidential administration.

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