Roles & Challenges of the stakeholders - The ideas and methodology change to meet the information age, the role of the stakeholders also changes. The challenges faced by each of the stakeholder are:

  • Compete for attention of students
  • Complete assigned syllabus in given time
  • Long Hours standing while teaching
  • Read enormous amounts of material – books, answer papers etc
  • Busy working – strive to give quality time for children
  • Peer Pressure – need to compare performance of children
  • Unclear on how to bring up children
  • Disagreements amongst themselves
  • High expectations of children and school
  • Pressure from teachers, parents and fellow students
  • Many sources of distraction – TV, Computer Games, Opposite sex etc

Addressing the Challenges - For each of the stakeholders of the education system the workshop has been designed:

Lessons In Value Education – LIVE workshop
School Teachers
Know Your Child workshop
Parents of children below 12 years
Know Your Teen workshop
Parents of teenagers
All Round Training in Excellence (ART Excel)
Children 8 – 13 years
ART Excel Club
Children 8 – 13 years
Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!)
Teenagers below 18 years
Yes! Club
Teenagers below 18 years
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