Chhattisgarh Farmers Wake-up To Natural Fertilizers

“Chemicals have pesticides have spoiled the health of our people and of the planet. Organic farming is the only hope for the world.” - Sri Sri

"One indigenous cow is enough to generate fertilizers for 30 acres of land. This would produce maximum grains for minimum investment” said ChanderShekharBaghel, National Trainer for Organic Farming, in a two day Organic Farming workshop in Chhattisgarh.

The motive of the workshop was to spread awareness about chemical free farming. The Art of Living has been transforming villages across India by promoting chemical-free farming.

300 farmers from 50 villages came together in Kurud on 6th and 7th March, 2011 to learn how to grow chemical-free fruits and vegetables, and how using food waste and cow dung return the soil's moisture, enhance soil structuring and conserve water, and also increase the biological activities in the soil. This further leads to:

  • Increase in soil fertility
  • Increase in water retention capacity
  • Increase in nutrient content of food crop
  • Increase in the yield
  • Decreases the input cost

The workshop covered techniques used for organic farming and made the farmers aware of the harms of using chemicals in the fields and how the yield decreases due to the usage of chemicals.

“Chemical fertilizers and drugs not only make the land toxic and diseased, they also leads to an unhealthy human body which has a short life span. To make the land fertile one should use natural fertilizers made from cow urine & dung", said Baghel

The Art of Living has been conducting Chemical Free Farming Workshop since 2007. Over the past five years,nearly 32,000 farmers have taken up the workshop. Would you like to be a part of chemical free farming then write to us at