The celebrations of Guru Purnima are just round the corner. For those who will not able to be in the presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on this auspicious day, here is an opportunity to experience Guru Purnima with LIVE Web cast of the Satsang and the Guru Purnima events!

Webcast Schedule

  • June 28th - July 02nd: Evening Satsang
  • July 03rd: Guru Purnima Event

Details on timings coming soon!

Webcast Packages

Following 3 packages are available. Please select a package of your choice.

GP2012 Webcast - 5 Days Package $40 (Individual)
$75 (Satsang Group)
GP2012 Webcast - 1 Day Package $10 (Individual)
$15 (Satsang Group)
Guru Purnima Day Package 03rd July - Free!