Part 1 Testimonial_1

I had around three years of not sleeping appropriately since I should take care of my sick son. This kept me stressed, I had chest pain, and suffered a rhythm heart disease. One night I prayed to Jesus for Mercy to help me because I felt so exhausted. Three days later watching television I found out about the breathing courses and I carried out a small practice directed by instructor Naline who motivated me to take the course. It impacted me a lot in that moment the sweetness and the love that it reflected her and the importance that had the inhalation and the exhalation and I took conscience that I didn't know how to breathe appropriately. When I carried out the first breathing course I experienced an ecstasy and a great liberation, starting from the second Kriya I was removed from the pain in my chest, I didn't have fainting until today's day.

Flory Moreno, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

  Badakhshan province