Art of Living Course


Thu, 04/24/2014 - Mon, 04/28/2014
7.00pm - 10.00pm
9.30am - 4.30pm
Los Angeles Art of Living Center,
948 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California, United States, 90007

Phylis Lebourgeois


Art of living Los angeles

Regular Fee: 395,00 $
Student Fee: 295,00 $
Precio para Tercera Edad: 395,00 $
Precio Repetidores: 100,00 $
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About the progam

Within you lies vast, untapped possibilities waiting to be discovered. Through the Art of Living Happiness Program this potential is set free and you gain a greater vision of who you are. You find you have the power to create a joyous life that is on-purpose, the confidence to stretch and grow beyond limiting beliefs, and the ability to lead a deeply fulfilling life.

The Challenge is in the Mind   

In today’s demanding, distracting world the mind is stuck in the past and the future. But happiness is here and now. It cannot be experienced when one is stuck regretting yesterday or worried about tomorrow. During the Art of Living Happiness Program you will discover your unlimited power and freedom - not as a concept, but as a direct experience.

The Solution is in: Sudarshan Kriya®

The centerpiece of the Art of Living Happiness Program is the Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful technique that uses specific, natural rhythms to get you unstuck.  Sudarshan Kriya, time tested based on ancient Vedic knowledge, yields continued growth.

Course notes

Through this workshop, participants have found long- lasting relief from the stresses and strains of their lives and have gained an unshakable sense of balance and joy.

Happiness and peace can only be experienced in the present moment, yet the mind has a tendency to swing between regrets about the past and anxiety about the future. This constant vacillation is a primary cause of stress. It reduces the ability to think clearly, complicates relationships, clouds creativity, disturbs our sleep, and drains energy. The breath has proven to be a powerful tool for releasing stress, renewing the spirit, and restoring balance, health, and energy to the body, mind and emotions.
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What you will learn:
* Practices that heal and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit * Skills for handling negative emotions and situations * Practical wisdom for improving work and relationships * Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions * Stretching and low-impact yoga for health, circulation, and body stillness.

Experience Peace of Mind
Much of the stress or limitations in life come from vacillating between regret about the past or worry about the future. And yet, the present is the only place that happiness can be experienced. A remarkable feature of the course is that participants are able to re-discover the present moment- not as a concept but as a direct experience.

Sudarshan Kriya
The centerpiece of this course is Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breath-oriented technique that eliminates stress and brings one completely into the present moment. One of breath's great secrets is that for every emotion there is a corresponding rhythm in the breath. Sudarshan Kriya utilizes this connection between the breath and emotions, and the whole system is brought into balance. The results are tangible and immediate.

Simple Techniques for Daily Life
Participants leave with simple but powerful techniques they can practice everyday, and an extraordinary weekly group practice is available in many areas. These practices are sacred treasures that grow in value over the years, helping the benefits continue to blossom in daily life. The Art of Living Course has been enjoyed by people of all traditions, religions, and walks of life, in universities, churches, governments, businesses, prisons, war zones, community rooms, and living rooms. The course is complete in itself and is also a foundation for other Art of Living programs.

See Medical Findings
Research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals has verified many of the experiences that participants commonly report. Sudarshan Kriya and its accompanying practices have been found to significantly… * Reduce stress levels (reduced cortisol, the "stress hormone") * Benefit the immune system * Relieve anxiety, PTSD, and depression (mild, moderate, and severe) * Increase NK (cancer destroying) cells * Enhance health and well-being

Comments About the Course
"After the course, I had a new sense of clarity. I felt more energetic. I gained an inner sense of balance. The stress on my job has not changed but the way I deal with it is very different now." -Christopher Ellis, Lieutenant, San Diego Police Dept. "I was more refreshed in one day of practicing breathing techniques than from weeks of vacations. I reached a state of deep relaxation and felt rejuvenated." -Dr. Henrijeta Pula, Psychologist "It is my good fortune to be writing this book, because it led me to a practice from which I am deriving enormous benefit. I feel lighter than I used to, as though I'm carrying around less baggage. Yet, at the same time, there is a growing sense of strength at my core." -Amy Weintraub, on the Art of Living practices, from her book, Yoga for Depression: A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga. "People world wide are turning to the intensive Art of Living Course, lowering stress, and finding renewed vigor and clarity." -CBS News