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Mon, 09/28/2015
Tue, 10/27/2015
Art of Living International Center,
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura,
Bangalore, India, 560082

Oct 13-22 Navratri Celebrations

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  • Dantheras - Celebrating abundance

    Mon, 10/24/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Sri Sri arrived at the Bangalore ashram on the occasion of Dhanteras preceding Diwali with a message for gratitude and abundance. 'Dhan' in sanskrit means wealth. “The first wealth is health. Diwali begins with thanksgiving to the one who gave us Ayurveda. The second is mental wealth, a feeling of abundance. Feel abundance and see that all the darkness is gone.”

  • Meditation & Bliss in Bad Antogast

    Sun, 10/23/2011, Bad Antogast, Brandenburg, Germany

    Sri Sri met participants of the advance course and part 1 program at the German ashram and conducted satsangs there.

  • Rising in the Colors of Fall

    Wed, 10/19/2011, Montreal, Canada

    Sri Sri arrived at the ashram in Montreal and surprised the advance course participants by taking them on a lovely nature trip to a waterfall nearby. Many participants enjoyed swan rides and a moonlit night soaking in outer beauty along with inner silence. In the following days, the participants embarked on the journey from the head to the heart with deep meditations, yagyas and profound wisdom in Sri Sri's presence.

    Three types of space, three types of knowledge, the three bodies - Sri Sri threw light upon these secrets of creation.

  • Navratri is a journey within

    Wed, 10/05/2011, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

    Ten days of silence, wisdom, chanting, music, meditation and celebration in the presence of Sri Sri resulted in each person being emotionally and spiritually charged and intellectually uplifted. The Bangalore ashram was home to participants from 65 countries who gathered to take part in the festivities and to embark on the inner journey guided by Sri Sri.

  • Wave of Spirituality in Tuticorin

    Sat, 09/24/2011, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India

    Sri Sri arrived at the port town of South India, Tuticorin and addressed the gathering of several thousands, inspiring them to stand up against corruption. He emphasized the need for spiritual values as the only long-term solution to fighting any form of injustice. The sisters from the town church greeted Sri Sri and at their request, he set a pigeon free as the symbol of brotherhood and peace. Following the event, a group of 20 youth from a nearby tribal village called Maravanmadam took an oath to make their village alcohol-free. Sri Sri also visited the celebrated Thiruchendur Subrahmanya temple to pay obeisance to the deity there.

  • The Fight Against Corruption Continues

    Wed, 09/21/2011, India

    Visiting over 50 cities in 14 states, Sri Sri has addressed hundreds of thousands of people, inspiring them to wake up and stand against corruption. This cause gathered further momentum with a special satsang organized by IAC in the presence of Sri Sri at Miramar Beach, Goa. “This country has deteriorated not because of bad people, but because of good people, because they did not stand up against injustice,” said Sri Sri, emphasizing the need for every citizen to come to the forefront and take responsibility to root out corruption.

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    Sri Sri also gave a statement for World Peace Day which is honored as a day for non-violence and ceasefire even in conflict areas. Read More.

  • Empowering rural women

    Tue, 09/20/2011, Sirsi, India

    From Shimoga, Sri Sri proceeded to Sirsi on September 18 where he met the members of the VISTA India (Value Integrated Services For All) project that was pioneered by his father, Acharya Shri Ratnananda. The VISTA India project is engaged in uplifting the rural women in Karnataka.

    His tour of Karnataka culminated with his visit to Karwar on September 20 where he led a satsang and addressed thousands at the Mayura Varma Vedike, Tagore beach.

  • Meetings of the Amarnath Shrine sub-committee

    Wed, 09/14/2011, Jammu and Kashmir, India

    The Shri Amarnathji Shrine sub-committee, under the chairmanship of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, heard the representatives of BABA Yatri Niyas and Shri Amarnath Barfani Langar Organization (SABLO), in two separate meetings at Jammu today. Soon after its arrival from Srinagar today, the sub-committee held consultations with a delegation representing BABA Yatri Niyas for nearly two hours. This was followed by another round of discussions with the office bearers of SABLO.

  • Chairing 1st meeting of the Amarnath Shrine sub-committee

    Tue, 09/13/2011, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

    Sri Sri chaired the first meeting of a sub-committee to advise the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board of the duration and schedule of the annual pilgrimage. The sub-committee held consultations with senior officers of the state government and the security forces, which are involved in providing logistical support and security for the conduct of the pilgrimage every year. The sub-committee heard their views on all the related issues.

  • Inauguration of the Giordano Bruno Globalshift University

    Fri, 09/09/2011, Budapest, Hungary

    “Education means intellectual sharpening, retaining of innocence and spiritual upliftment.” - Sri SriSri Sri was the guest of honor and speaker at the opening ceremony of the Giordano Bruno Globalshift University in Budapest. The event took place in the picturesque Buda Castle with approximately 70 guests.

    During the day Sri Sri had a private meeting with the Minister of Culture before proceeding to the evening’s public talk and satsang which was attended by over a thousand people.

    The evening began with a traditional Hungarian folk dance 'Palotás'. Sri Sri was offered a traditional drum as a gift from the organization. As satsang began, three folk songs were sung inviting the audience to join in, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. “His talk opened hearts, and after a deep, relaxing and soothing meditation, Guruji received flowers and gifts from all who wanted to meet him. This intimate atmosphere was very tangible. He spoke to us like old friends. He, in fact, had said that many were waiting to meet him again for a long time. It was a deep experience for many of the guests,” shares Ms. Domotor, after attending the event.