25 July 2014 - QA 2

How do I live with a husband who is a mama’s boy? How and when does a man switch from being a devoted son to also being a husband and a father?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

See this from a long term perspective. What would you like your son to be?Do you want your son, as soon as he gets married, to be only a good husband and good father and stop being a good son? This is a question in front of you. If you answer this question you will get an answer for your question also.
Nothing stops someone from being a good husband and a good father, he just needs a little orientation. Maybe it’s such a new role for him and he has not yet adjusted to the new role. With patience, educate him and don’t ask him not to listen to their mother. This could be a way.
Sometimes people buy new cars and they don’t know how to drive it very well. If there are too many gadgets and too many buttons they look around in order to get oriented with the car.

Often mothers feel very insecure the moment their children, daughter or son get married. So they need some reassurance that everything will be as usual. This could be one issue.
Secondly, one person can play all roles devotedly without getting into conflict. This is a skill, and one can get this skill when one is free from stress and has good support. So after sometime a wife should also treat the husband like a son, in the sense she has to have a lot of patience. How much patience you have till your child starts learning, that much patience you need to have. A child teaches a mother lot of patience because she has to teach him how to brush his teeth, how to wash himself, how to use the toilet, how to eat, how to wash his hands, everything she has to teach him. How much patience you have had with your child, so you keep at least 50 percent of that patience with your husband.