Women Leaders2

Mawahibal shaibani The Art of Living began its work in Iraq in 2003 with a focus to bringing some relief and peace to its people. Several teachers from around the world were sent to Iraq in the face of ongoing bombings to conduct trauma care workshops, provide relief materials where possible and create opportunities for rehabiltiation. Mawahib Al Shaibani is an international faculty member for The Art of Living Foundation and Program Coordinator in Iraq. Realizing that her life’s work lay in humanitarian service, she became a teacher for the Foundation and began acting as aliason for its community projects in the Middle East. She works with other NGO’s government agencies and ministries, and communities on programs for social and humanitarian causes. She has facilitated numerous workshops in schools, corporations and other institutions and co-ordiantes the Women Empowerment Projects including vocational training of Iraqui women in Baghdad and Karbala. It is remarkable to note that in land where women’s rights is an active issue and women in leading responsible roles are few, the coordinator for all this relief work is a woman. “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is my inspiration. Watching him work selflessly, tirelessly, enthusiastically, joyously - working towards making life a celebration on this planet - that is what inspires me to take on the challenges.”

Mawahibal shaibani
  Badakhshan province