The World Culture Festival

Celebrating Diversity for a peaceful tomorrow

The Art of Living Foundation celebrates its 35th anniversary in India’s capital Delhi and spreads the message of global peace.

In a unique celebration of harmony in diversity the World Culture Festival brought together 50,000 participants from 151 countries who took home unique sights, sounds, tastes and the mesmerising variety of all the world continents in one place!

While almost all open air events got cancelled on 2nd July 2011 due to rain and cold, rare for this time of year in Berlin, nothing could dampen the enthusiasm during the Art of Living’s 30th anniversary celebration in the Berlin Olympic Stadium and stop the captivated audience to convert their stadium seats into a big dancing stage.

In a bid to promote peace, intercultural dialog and togetherness, senior governmental representatives, business leaders, academia, leaders of NGOs, religious and spiritual leaders, peacemakers and renowned personalities from across the globe shared their views and spread the message of peace, unity and intercultural harmony.

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"30 years of the Art of Living: A big milestone with many achievements, inspiring us to move forward with greater speed and greater enthusiasm. The dream to make life a celebration and the world a family has materialized and become a reality.

Millions of volunteers who have worked with such enthusiasm and love will continue to inspire millions more, reach out to all those areas where we have not reached and wipe all those tears that are yet there.

The 30th anniversary is a celebration of achievement and a vision to do more service.."

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Reception Committee


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