Yoga and Spirit

What keeps us from seeing the reality of life? What is the cause of all sufferings?

yoga and spirit

Ignorance it is - mere ignorance. Regular practice of yoga dispels this ignorance.

With regular practice of yoga, you

  • Develop skills and experiential understanding
  • See the reality of life, and appreciate its beauty
  • Admire and adore the Creator - the Spirit – God
  • See the Divine presence everywhere, and within yourself
  • Get a glimpse of your Divine Nature
  • Form a stronger and more loving connection with yourself
  • Experience fulfilment and a meaningful purpose to life
  • Experience unconditional happiness, and share this joy with others

Through the discipline of yoga, we take care of our body and mind, so that we can experience ‘spirit’ - our source - the Divine. Harmony within us, leads to harmony in our lives



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