What Sri Sri said today

The Spirit Of Service

5th of Apr 2014

Pune, Maharashtra

People tell me, 'Gurudev, it is election time now, why are you going to Maharashtra?' I told them that be it election time or not, it is all the same for me. All times are the same.
In this election season, it is even more important for me to come here and make people aware to step forward and do something for the nation.
As you saw today, I met the volunteers of 'Volunteer for a Better India'. It felt good seeing the great work that the volunteers have done. They have added fifty four thousand new people in the voters’ list in Pune itself. Our youth is coming forward and taking the responsibility of the country. This is a matter of great happiness.

Last month, there was a great setback for the farmers. There was a a natural calamity here, in Maharashtra. No one had ever heard of such a disaster before. There were strong hailstorms because of which all the crops were destroyed. When I saw the pictures, Maharashtra looked like Kashmir (referring to the layer of snow). This natural calamity gave us a warning that we are doing something to the environment which is not right. We are not paying attention to the environment.

We are burning plastics at many places. The toxins produced by burning one plastic bag is sufficient to cause cancer in a 1000 people. We need to take a lot of care.
We are putting poisonous pesticides in the fields, and the land is getting spoiled. Even the water table is getting affected.
Today the Indian soil is suffering from anemia. Do you know what anemia is? Deficiency of iron content in the blood causes anemia in the human body. Similarly the land is getting anemic because of the dearth of hydrocarbons. On an average, the Indian soil has just 0.3 to 0.4 percent of hydrocarbons. In foreign countries, the hydrocarbon content in the soil is as high as 5 to 6 percent. It means our land is suffering from anemia.
We all need to make efforts to change this situation. We need to change the circumstances. We need to attend to our environment and care for it. This is the first important thing.

The second problem we have been facing is corruption. Corruption needs to be eliminated from the country. The voices of the good people should be heard.
Corruption will not end just by passing a few laws. The laws against corruption are certainly important, but when most people become spiritual and when we firmly decide that we shall neither give nor take any kind of bribe, only then will the situation change in this country.
Corruption starts where belongingness ends. So for ending corruption, we need to bring a wave of spirituality in the country. This is required.

Today there is so much of violence in our country. Why do people get these violent tendencies? It is when the spirit of service disappears, that the tendency of violence takes hold. When one gets involved in serving others, or in any social service, then waves of happiness and bliss comes into their life.
This is necessary for the youth. You should give one hour each day towards serving the nation. If we give seven hours in a week, we can do such good work for the society. So give one hour daily for the nation.
We need to bring this awareness in the people around us. Are we all ready to do this? How many are ready? (Many in the audience raise hands)

Today I will give you a mantra whic you need to chant every day. The mantra is, 'Annadaata Sukhi Bhavah'. It means, 'May the one who has given me this food be happy and content'.
So before you begin your meals, chant, 'Annadaata Sukhi bhavah'.
By this mantra, we pray for the well-being of the farmers. If the farmer is unhappy, then the crop he produces won’t be healthy. Then those who eat the food will also become unhealthy. So we should say, 'Annadaata Sukhi bhavah'. May the farmers of this country be happy and prosperous!

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