12 August 2012 - QA 5

There are many organizations that teach Yoga and Meditation in India, including The Art of Living. If we are all working for the same cause, which is to bring peace to mankind, then why are all these organizations so different?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Listen, people of the same intention will always be together. Though they do it in different ways, there is no conflict since the cause is the same.

You know, the spirit loves diversity.

When I went to Pakistan, people asked me why do we have so many Gods in India? There should be only one God.

I told them, ’Why do you have so many varieties of dishes made from the same wheat?

God has created so many vegetables. He did not make only egg plant and say, ‘Eat this all your life.’ See how many varieties of vegetables and fruits the Divine has created, isn’t it? That is how! In India there are many Gods, but only one Paramatma (Supreme Consciousness). One God is in so many different names and forms. That is celebration.’

See how many colors everybody is wearing over here. If everybody was in one uniform this would appear like a military camp! Got it?

Variety is the beauty of creation and we must honor that.

They loved it a lot when I said this and they said, ‘Nobody has explained it to us like this before!’