22 August 2013 - QA 12

Gurudev, We are from the city of Nasik where the Trayambakeshwar temple (one of the twelve Jyotirlingas or holy sites of pilgrimage dedicated to Lord Shiva) is located. When ‘Triyamba’ is one of the names of the Mother Divine, then how come Lord Shiva got this name?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

See, I have not read the Sthala Puranas (a branch of the Puranas which narrate the stories and the origins of various Shiva temples or shrines, written in different vernacular languages). So I am not aware of it. There are so many people from Maharashtra. Ask them. There are so many stories. Yes, Lord Shiva does have three eyes which is why he is called as ‘Trinetra’ (Tri = Three, & Netra = Eyes or vision). And what are those three eyes? There are three main Nadis (subtle energy channels) within the human body – the Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna Nadi.