25 February 2012 - QA 35

Why does God sometimes help those who are not worthy of it? God is never biased, then why is it that some people are poor and some are rich? Why can’t there be equality?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

It is very difficult to understand God’s brain or God’s mind. It is better you give up!

Sometimes you get all these questions, ‘Why does God make old people, who studied all their life, die? Why did Einstein die? He should have given him another 200 years. Why are new children born? They have to study all the way up to standard 12, then go to college, and go through all this trouble?’

Sometimes, God seems to be short of good advice. If you have good advice for God, we can give it to Him for the next set of creation. Don’t worry!

Some of these questions, you can only wonder about them. ‘Why are poor people there? Why are rich people there? Why are there two nostrils in one nose, it could have been one big hole? He has given two eyes in the same place; one could have been in the front and the other at the back!’ There could be many ideas or suggestions you can give to God.

Anyway, if you understand Vedanta, dive deeper into the Vedanta philosophy, many truths, many secrets will open up to you. Read Yoga Vasishta, it is a fantastic book.

Do you know, the University of New York has taken copyrights for the translation of Yoga Vasishta in English? It is a very exciting book.

How many of you have seen the movie Matrix and Inception? Do you know what the source of these movies is? How many of you don’t know? It is Yoga Vasishta!

The story, the essence, the philosophy, the basis of these movies is Yoga Vasishta.

When Sri Rama was a youth like you, he was very depressed. He was worried about this nation, the country, and he got so depressed. His Guru, Vasishta, gave him some advice, and the book which contains this knowledge is called Yoga Vasishta. It is an absolutely thrilling and exciting book to read.