29 November 2013 - QA 2

Gurudev, if a person feels hurt by the divine where does one go?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

There is nowhere to go! It is impossible that the Divine hurts you!

There is a beautiful couplet in Kannada that we used to learn in school. It says, the more you squeeze sugarcane, sweeter is the juice that comes. The more you cut a diamond, the more it shines. The more gold is hammered, put in fire, the more it shines. The more you grind sandalwood, the more its fragrance spreads.

Nature puts you through many different tasks and tests, and you come out shining from it all. You must remember that nature will not give you a burden which you cannot carry.

God first measures the tail and then puts it on the animal, so it can easily wag its tail. Just imagine if a rat had the tail of an elephant, which it cannot even lift!

Nature is very intelligent, it only gives you that problem which you can handle.