9 February 2014 - QA 17

Women will be playing a very important role in the next years as the new era progresses. So, how can they develop Shakti (strength) so that they can be more empowered to do a better job?
(Márcia De Luca: Specialist in Yoga and health from Brazil)

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

First thing I would say is, they should watch their food. More healthy food, more organic food.
Second is, they should not stop singing. In this country, if you see in the villages, when women go for working in the fields, they keep humming and singing. So singing gives a lot of energy to do their work with enthusiasm. Men are more shy to sing than women. So women should not leave their habit of humming and singing. Singing can give them a lot of energy.
Third thing is, do some yoga and pranayama.