9 June 2014 - QA 12

When we are children, we complain to our parents. When we go to school, we complain about our teachers and our friends. When we start working, we complain about our boss or our colleagues at work. How does we get free from this habit of complaining all the time?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

That’s it! Once you have realized and become aware of this tendency about yourself, then just know that you are out of it.
A complaining mind usually complains about things that happened in the past. When we do not look forward to the future with a positive mind set, and when our Prana (life force energy) is low, then our mind tends to get entangled with the events of the past, and it starts to regret or complain about them. That is why the wise ones around us who have foresight encourage us by saying, 'Drop all this garbage of the past. Just smile and move forward. Your complaining does not help improve or resolve anything'.