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  1. Dearest Gurudev, life has become so fast paced, I find it so difficult to stay centered. Please help.

    It is good, if life is fast, you can’t hold on to anything. It doesn’t leave you any time to sit and brood over the past. Before you start brooding over something, something else has already come to attend to. Just go with the flow.

  2. Which Indian scripture is equal to the Koran or Bible?

    Actually there is none. It is very difficult to say.
    The Vedas are considered as the main source (of knowledge), but it is so vast. For all practical purposes, Bhagavad Gita is what everyone reads because it has the essence of most of the main knowle ...

  3. Dear Gurudev, what makes you so special?

    I don’t think I am special, not at all. I may be a little crazy but not special. If you are not crazy, you would not keep going round and round the world for nothing (laughter).

  4. What is nothingness filled with? Is it full of life and awareness?

    Nothingness is filled with energy. This is again quantum physics.
    They say, the empty space that you see around the Sun is not empty. In fact, the Sun is round because the energy surrounding it pushing it from all the four sides and making it round.< ...

  5. Gurudev, you have always taken care of me. I have only one wish: For as long as I am in this body and in my other births to come, please make me your disciple and liberate me. Show me the truth so that I can liberate others too.

    Recently, a saint came to see me in Rishikesh, and in our congregation he said a beautiful thing. He said, 'One who has learnt in this school will stay. One who has not learnt only will leave'.
    Usually, in a school, if you have learnt and you ...

  6. Dear Gurudev, after meditating with you today all my pain has gone. How do you do that Gurudev? How do you know where I have pain?

    leave you to wonder about it.
    See, pain is not just in the body or just in the mind, it is somewhere where between the body and the mind, where they both meet.
    When a local anesthesia is given, some nerves are numbed and you don’t feel the p ...

  7. Gurudev, I have observed that all your devotees are very sweet when they are at a course, or in a satsang, but when they go out in the world, things change. It seems like nobody wants to take the pains to be like you. Gurudev, please design another course to create more people like you.

    Well listen, don’t judge others. You never know what they are going through, how they feel and how they are inside.
    You look at yourself. If you have not changed, see why, and if you have changed, then you have understood the course.
    It is i ...

  8. I don’t know what to choose as my career as I want to honor all my talents. Any suggestions?

    One gentleman came to me who could play forty instruments. He could play the flute, guitar, sitar, tabla, and many other more instruments. It was fascinating.
    I also knew a gentleman who had nearly forty five degrees, and he was not more than about 4 ...

  9. Why is worthlessness and helplessness so uncomfortable. Why is there a constant need to become worthy or important? How to shed this?

    If you are not useful on this planet, nature would have taken you away a long time ago. Nature is very intelligent, and if nature has kept you here, there is some use for you, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
    Each one of you is c ...

  10. Do you think martial arts can play a role on the path to enlightenment?

    Yes, martial arts can bring strength to the body, discipline in the mind and sharpens your intellect. It can channelize all the energy and emotions in you. If your emotions are not channelized, they go haywire and that’s when you get aggressive, a ...

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