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  1. There are skeptics who think that India is slowly coming down because of its messy democracy. What are your views?

    Corruption and the number game is a big problem in India.
    India has such a large population and there are many issues in the country. The number game has been a very big issue in the past decade. Though there are good leaders in the government who wa ...

  2. Gurudev, I want to know your opinion about India. How according to you should India be?

    India, in my vision, is where people from all religion and communities come together for their country. India has been divided by religions and communities.

    I want to see a slum free India. All slums should be removed. I want to see a corruption free, ...

  3. Despite all the developments and the abundance of spiritual wealth in our country, why are the youngsters still yearning to go abroad? India does not seem to them as a place worth living.

    Well, it is good that our people go abroad. There are many opportunities in other countries.
    If you observe today, people everywhere are traveling and spreading their roots in different countries. It is only us Indians who are not traveling and sprea ...

  4. Gurudev, India is rapidly emerging as one of the youngest nations of the world. How do we channelize all this energy of the youth towards the progress of the country? What should the youth of this country bear in mind as they move ahead in their lives?

    This is why we have created Volunteer for a Better India (VBI). All of you should become active members of VBI.
    I want us all to bring about a wave of happiness in every corner of the country. You all should work for this. The population of our countr ...
  5. Gurudev, what do you think of the caste system. Can the caste of untouchables be integrated into The Art of Living?

    It is already done.
    Do you know, the constitution of India and all the scriptures do not allow untouchability? Our main two scriptures Ramayana and Mahabharta are written by so called untouchables.

    Untouchability increased after ...
  6. Gurudev, could you please elaborate on the eleven principles that Mahatma Gandhi gave to the nation.

    The first is Ahimsa, which is Non-violence.
    Then comes Satya, which is Truth.
    Then is Asteya, i.e., Non-stealing.
    Then Brahmacharya or Celibacy.
    Then Aparigraha, i.e., No ...
  7. Gurudev, how does the spiritual growth of people help a country prosper? Please give an example. How can spiritually inclined people help save the country?

    The spiritually inclined people will have a better attitude in life. They will not have prejudice. They will work with humility, dignity, protect others' dignity, care for others, and have compassion. All these things naturally come to spiritually i ...

  8. Gurudev, it looks like corruption in India is doing lasting damage to society and the environment. Is it reversible? If yes, then how can expats like me living in the US help in the endeavor to reverse the damage?

    If you are interested in doing something back home in India, and want to know how to create awareness, how to use your talents to save the largest democracy on the planet, then you should definitely meet with the Art of Living (AOL) volunteers here, they ...
  9. Gurudev, What is your message for the youth today?

    Own this nation, have a vision for this nation.
    We are about 10,000 people here. Can each one of us here influence five more people? If we can each influence five more of our friends, we can change the whole face of Delhi, and the nation. Suppose you ...
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