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  1. If being one with nature is the most natural state, then why should one make any effort doing that? We start to identify ourselves with the mind and the body, and that’s why we suffer. But we don't do this on purpose. We grow up and it happens.

    Yes, that is correct, that is part of growth.You know, in a seed, first there is a membrane around the seed. And that is necessary. At a particular time the membrane gives way, so the can sprout. Like that, in life, first the identities come and the ...
  2. Gurudev, you said that 2012 was going to be the year of 'Nanda' (bliss). How come it was such a hard year?

    The year of Nanda is not yet over, it will be over end of March.There are still three months more. You know, it is good when things churn inside you, then you wake up. It is not that it happens only in the outside world, but even in the sp ...
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