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  1. Gurudev, what should we do when someone in our class teases us a lot? Should we scold, shout or hit them back? Even though we keep calm, they keep teasing us.

    You know, when someone teases you, you should laugh louder than them. Then you will see that they will be baffled. They will say, 'I am making fun of you and you are laughing?'
    You should clap and say, 'Yes, you are so funny. Why don’t you tell me nic ...
  2. Gurudev, I love my soul mate so much, that I fear that it does not leave much room for me to love the Divine.

    I have no experience of a soul mate.
    Why not? I don’t think there is any hindrance. If you have a soul mate, and you found some new love, you can as well see that as a gift to you.
    Your friends are a gift, your partner is a gift to you ...

  3. Gurudev, Why do people cheat? Is it because they don't love their spouse?

    No! Not everybody who loves cheats, but anyone who cheats, it is because they love their wife or husband very much.
    Do you know why? If there is a fight between truth and love, love will win, truth will fail. Cheating means what? Telling ...
  4. Gurudev, I am not able to put an end to the doubts and suspicions in my relationship, and I do not want to end my relationship because of this. What should I do?

    That’s it. Knowing this is enough. Now you know that no matter how much you have doubted your relationship, it has brought you no results at all. This much you are convinced about. So just move ahead now. Everything in life moves according to some mysterio ...
  5. Gurudev, I am a victim of one sided love, always. Please give me some idea or tips to make it two sided.

    I have no experience in this.
    Let’s think. All problems are caused by love only. There are two things. One is people express their love too much, and then there are others who do not express it at all. Both are no good.
    If you express yo ...

  6. Gurudev, how do I explain the idea of success to my children in simple straight words?

    Children do not mind success or failure. For kids I would say leave them as they are and don’t try to put a concept of success or failure in their minds. Let them experience life in totality; as it comes to them.

    For adults I have a different formula. ...

  7. Gurudev, If you were 18 years old today, what would you do for our country?

    I would do the same thing that I am doing. Motivate people to stand up against corruption.
    I would urge all the 18+ youth to wake-up, go and vote. Don't stay back from voting and from exercising your right; you should certainly do this. I would also a ...
  8. Gurudev, Is politics dirty?

    Nothing is dirty by itself. It is the people who make it dirty! If people with the wrong mindset get into it, then they make it dirty. However, if youth with the right attitude get into it, they can make it better.

    How many cricket lovers are here? Don’ ...

  9. Gurudev, receiving unconditional love from you has become such a habit that whenever I get into a relationship, I look for the same love in the other person, and none of the relationships work out for me. What do I do?

    Actually, I am not qualified to speak about the secret of relationships! However, I will tell you this, you may pour all your love on somebody, but you should also see how much love they can take.
    When water is falling with a lot of force ...
  10. Gurudev, with the growing pressure on children, so many schools are aware that their students abuse substances. Yet, they prevent the learning of yoga and meditation.

    That is foolish. They should stop the children from drugs, alcohol and other abuse. I was so shocked to read that one school became free from this. We have 14 schools, I am sure none of our schools are anywhere close to alcohol or drugs.
    Today, it has ...
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