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  1. Dear Gurudev, when someone criticizes me I switch off and go into hiding. How to handle criticism without arguing and fighting?

    Know that you’re magnanimous. Every time you face a criticism know that you are vast like the ocean, and you can take in anything.
    When you feel small that is when you don’t feel like taking criticism. When you ...

  2. Gurudev, people criticize others behind their backs all the time. What happens to such people?

    If the criticism is superficial, then let it be.
    We just talked about the Navarasas (the nine emotions, which are, love, laughter, compassion, anger, courage, terror, disgust, surprise, and peace), this is also one of them.

  3. How do we deal with constant blame, especially from a dear one?

    See, you get used to anything that is constant (Laughter). So don’t worry about it. If someone constantly keeps blaming you, then do not care about it.
    It happens so often, when mothers constantly blaming their children, the children sto ...
  4. Gurudev, people accuse me for a sin which I have not done. What should I do?

    If you have not done and people think you have done it, then educate them. But if you have done it, then without denying it, accept it. ...
  5. Gurudev, if we lose our footwear or if someone takes it away, is it true that they take away our bad karma?

    If it was an expensive shoe, then yes, it is better to think that way . At least you will get peaceful sleep at night. But if it was a cheap slipper… (Sri Sri nods his head).

    See the main idea was to tell the people to be in the present moment. < ...

  6. Gurudev, you ask us to be dispassionate. How can I be dispassionate about you? I love you and the attachment keeps growing every day.

    If this attachment helps you to move away from other unwanted things, then it is okay. If it gives you a focus, it is fine. But if it is causing jealousy, anger, greed and all those negative emotions, you better work on yourself.
    Go deep into yourself ...
  7. Please talk about Reciprocity.

    Reciprocity is very natural.
    At a higher state of mind, reciprocity is instantaneous. Only when someone is not sensitive there is no reciprocity.
    Often people reciprocate the bad things. If you blame somebody, they are ready to blame you immediat ...
  8. Gurudev, what to do when someone blames your character or integrity?

    There is a very beautiful couplet in Kannada that says, ‘What do you say to a person who is scared of noise but has built his house in the market?’
    ‘What do say to a person who has built a home on the seashore and hates waves?’
    ‘What do you say t ...
  9. I do a lot for my family members and yet they are all always saying I am wrong. What should I do? How to deal with it?

    No, don’t say that they always say you are wrong. If they always say that you are wrong then it would not bother you or even touch you. You would take it as their nature. Sometimes they would have said that you did right as well. Isn’t that so?
    If yo ...
  10. Gurudev, when somebody blames me, they take away my negative energy. If this is true, why is it that I feel low or I feel very bad at the moment?

    You know, somebody is talking negative about you, they are dumping garbage. You should not hold your gunny bag and catch it. When somebody is dumping garbage, you simply move away from there. Don't take it in.
    If they say something negative about you ...
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