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  1. Dear Gurudev, music and dance is the way to balance energy. Is it wrong to listen to pop, jazz, and rock and roll music?

    No, there is nothing wrong, but if it’s too noisy then it’s too hard on the nervous system. Jazz, rock music, etc., activates the first chakra, so it takes you out of inertia, no doubt. But it can also be very jarring if you’re more subtle, and if your ner ...
  2. Gurudev, in order to become multi-talented, we tend to direct our energies into multiple fields and end up being unsuccessful. What should we do?

    You know, as young boys and girls, you should not think about this now. This is the time to develop many talents. When you cross your teen age, then one thing will stick with you. But before that time, do not worry about what is the one thing that you shou ...
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