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  1. (A member of the audience asked a question and it was inaudible)

    Sickness happens because of three reasons. One is when we violate the laws of nature, and the second is a carryover of karma. The third thing is, it is genetic. If you want to add the fourth, it could also be because of the environment. Now if we violat ...

  2. Dear Gurudev, how do we help people accept their sickness, or the sickness of their close ones, or family members?

    Don’t do anything about it; just be there with peace in your mind. Through words you cannot bring comfort to people who are sick, nor can you make them accept their sickness. However, your positive vibrations can change the atmosphere. ...
  3. My husband has been diagnosed with a tumor in his lung. Doctors are saying that it could be cancerous.

    Let him do pranayama, and also use the Shakti drops. Shakti drops improve the immune system.

    Yesterday, an oncologist mentioned that they had done research on three to four patients, and observed that with the use of Shakti drops, the cancer cells dro ...

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