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  1. How can we alleviate the negative consequences of materialism in each of our lives, and how can we teach that in our free societies?

    As I said, consumerism is a problem. It is not wrong to be rich, but it is wrong to exploit people and the planet. That is what is happening.
    In many places, people are trying to become rich while undermining the environment, underminin ...

  2. Gurudev, how much money should a person earn in life? Does earning more than one’s needs mean hoarding of money that is someone else’s share? Also, what is the difference between being resourceful and self-sufficient?

    See, put in all your efforts and earn as much as you can. But follow certain rules. It is not right to earn money by committing crimes, or through any other wrong means.
    If you do, then the result will only be misery and suffering. If yo ...
  3. Gurudev, is money bad or are we bad? When we have money then greed also comes. What should our relationship with money be?

    Neither money is bad nor are you. Don’t treat anything or anyone as bad – not money and not oneself. If you want to be greedy, be greedy for seva (service). If you treat it as bad, then you will be stuck. Nothing is bad.
    Why do you blame? In our ...
  4. Gurudev, when you have enough you automatically share with people. I think the most difficult thing for the human mind is to know, what is enough for oneself. How do I know what is enough for me? The mind keeps wanting more.

    People have billions, still they are stealing. This is unfortunate. Greed kills oneself and kills others also.

    Whatever you earn, keep a little percent of it aside, don’t touch it. Suppose you earn x amount, keep ten percent of it aside. Ten perce ...
  5. Dear Gurudev, though I always serve the best, I always feel the lack of money. What do I do?

    Who does not feel the lack of money? All the governments in the world are feeling the lack of money. America is in big debt. This country is in debt. Pakistan, Bangladesh and almost every other country is in debt. See all this from a bigger perspective, an ...
  6. My work includes building maintenance. I have a few 100 people working for me as staff. This kind of work it is not appreciated by the society. So when the economy goes down, we can’t pay much to the employees. I try to motivate these people, other than money. However, there are some who keep complaining or are unhappy. How can I maintain peace and happiness?

    Money alone cannot bring success or happiness. You need to do something different. Teach people how they can handle their own negative emotions. Our teachers are here and we can have a program for your employees, especially for those who are always negat ...
  7. Dear Gurudev, this world is so selfish. People only value money. How to find true love?

    Come on, don’t say that. In the world there are all kinds of people. Don’t blame or label the whole world as selfish. That is not fair.
    You know, there are good people on the planet. In fact, in big numbers. The cheats are only a small number.
    Sup ...
  8. Gurudev, success to this world means money, power and fame. How does one know if we are successful? Is there any measure?

    To me, the sign of success is a smile. The number of smiles that one has in their day-to-day life indicates how successful one is.

    You may have a big bank balance, a lot of money. But, if you can’t smile, if you are tensed, upset and angry, would you c ...

  9. Gurudev, how can I earn a lot of money without putting too much effort? Is there any mantra?

    This is how the scams begin (laughter).
    You have heard about all the scams, isn’t it? There are plenty of them, one after another, every month.

    No, don’t go for quick money; you will lose it also that fast. A sustained economy is good.
    If you ...

  10. How can we turn thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance?

    The very thought that you want to do it, means you have already started moving in that direction.
    Look at what your requirements are and you will see that they will always be met. Whatever you need always comes to you. But do not take it to an extreme ...
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