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  1. Gurudev, can you please explain ‘Yogah Karamsu Kaushalam’ (excellence in action)? How can I apply it to my life?

    This very question indicates that you want to be skillful; that is it, you are already skillful. If you are wanting to be skillful, you are already skillful; just move on. If you want to learn, you are already learning. When you go to vote, you have alread ...
  2. Gurudev, how to be diplomatic and what is the art of getting your work done?

    Being diplomatic is seeing the point from the other person’s angle as well. Getting into the other person’s shoes and looking at the situation. Being a little more sensible. Diplomacy is being sensitive and sensible at the same time.

    Man ...

  3. I know a lot of people who are very skilled and successful at my work place, yet they do not practice yoga or meditation. Is yoga a prerequisite for skill in action? How does practicing yoga make one more skilled?

    Every baby is a yogi. A baby does all the yoga asanas, and has all those qualities.

    Now, you may say that this person does do any good deeds, yet he is having a good time! How do you know? He may have done something good in the past; he may have been a ...

  4. Dear Gurudev, how can I be grateful for a person, for all his help and care. How to say to him that I want to follow my own path, without hurting him?

    Do it skillfully. Now don’t ask me, what is the skill?
    Remember this one verse, it is very useful, Three doors to hell.
    There are three doors to hell – Lust, Greed and Anger. If greed takes over, it is going to put you ...
  5. Dear Gurudev, you have spoken about letting go. But if a person goes on making the same mistake day after day, what to do? I can let go the first time, the second time, but not the third time. So should I tell them, or teach them, or do something about it? Please help.

    Yes, you should tell them, teach them, but keep them out of your mind. Letting go does not mean keeping quiet.
    You know, if someone is committing a mistake and you tell them, ‘Do not do this, because it hurts me’, then they are never going to stop. Bu ...
  6. Gurudev, you were talking about Chanakya, he is known for his skill and intelligence. Was he born like that or did he build it over time? Are skillful people born like that or they build it over time?

    I can’t tell you about Chanakya, whether he was born skillful or he developed skills; but, I can tell about you. If you want to be skilled, you can always develop on your skills. Otherwise, there is nothing called skills training. You have potential in you ...
  7. Gurudev, a lot has been said of Chanakya Neeti and his ways of administration. Is it still applicable in these times?

    Yes, definitely. Chanakya Neeti means skillfully bringing everybody together; that is what Chanakya did. India was fragmented into many small kingdoms, it was Chanakya who united it and made India one huge empire. In the Arthashastra (an ancient Indian ...
  8. Gurudev, there is an ancient proverb that says that when you come to a true master, the skills in you start to manifest. Is that true? Because I even see the elephant here, in the Ashram, play the mouth organ.

    Yes, it seems to be happening that way here.
    Many who have never been into music have started singing. Many people write poems. I see a lot of creativity around. Looks like they are making the ancient proverb come true!
    See, whenever your mind ...
  9. Gurudev, how do I recognize my soul mate?

    First you should recognize your soul and then your soul mate.
    You don’t know yourself, you don’t know who you are. You don’t know anything about yourself. You don’t know your mind; your own mind drives you crazy.
    One minute it wants ...
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