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  1. Gurudev, I am not able to achieve excellence, so I remain unsatisfied. Is satisfaction possible without achieving excellence? If yes, please guide.

    : If frustration is the mother of excellence, then there are many countries which are so frustrated, and we don’t find excellence there.
    People say, ‘Oh, satisfaction can make you dull, and inactive.’ If frustration can bring creativity, then Lebanon, ...
  2. What should a person do to become the best in his profession?

    To excel in your profession balance your life.
    Meditate every day, sleep well, and in the morning do pranayam and meditation and go to work with a fresh mind.
    Don’t watch too many movies and not more than one hour of television per day. A movie a ...
  3. How to achieve excellence while following the middle path?

    It will happen. Your intention is enough. Main thing is Sadhna (Practices and self effort), next is awareness, and third is - no feverishness. ...
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