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  1. Gurudev, the UN recognizes happiness as the basic birthright of every human being. How do we move forward to be a happier country on the occasion of 26th January (Republic day of India)?

    This question first has to come in every citizen of this country: How can we find happiness in our self, and how we can see that happiness increases in our society. So, first that thought should germinate in every mind, and then action will follow s ...
  2. Did you choose us to be here or is it just a coincidence? Why are there not more people like us here benefiting from this?

    Do you see the hall is full; we can’t take any more here. Never mind whether I chose you or you chose me, we are all here. We are all enjoying and having a good time. The way to keep this joy, this high energy, happiness is to spread it out to everybody. Y ...
  3. You have mentioned that Lord Krishna was full of joy. He was happy in all situations. However, in today's situation, I am not able to live like that.

    You are able to follow this for some time at least, isn't it? There is a saying, ‘think like Krishna but follow the footsteps of Rama.’
    If you follow whatever Lord Krishna did, you will get into trouble! Follow Lord Krishna's principles and Lord Rama ...
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