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  1. Can the mind continue its process of evolution between lifetimes as well? Does it need a body and situations for its evolution?

    Yes, it needs a body. That is why the human body is very precious.

    You know, in day to day life, when you do things, sometimes you lose energy. When the energy goes down, the mind also goes down. Haven't you had this experience? (Audience ...

  2. What should I do if I have a tendency of going into depression?

    First of all, don’t label yourself as, 'I have a tendency of getting depressed', no! Remove this label and throw it out of the window.
    The mind is not solid, it is airy. Mind is like the space. Sensations come and go, some vibrations co ...

  3. I was on anti-depressants for many years. I've been off anti-depressants for 2 years. I do my Sudarshan Kriya every day, but my concentration and sleep are not normal, and this affects my work. Sometimes I feel that I was better off on anti-depressants. Is it okay to take them on doctor’s advice if my job is at stake, or should I resist at all cost.

    I wouldn't say resist at all cost, but resist it. And do Yoga. Spend one hour in the morning stretching and balancing your body.
    It was good today (morning yoga session), wasn't it? How many of you enjoyed that? When you do it, concentration improves. ...
  4. The suicide rate in Korea is very high. The children of Korea are growing up in an environment where there is too much competition and very less culture and spirituality. Please send us your words of wisdom.

    When energy goes down you get depressed and when it goes further down suicidal tendencies arise. Through proper breathing exercises, some meditation and through good and loving company energy can go up.

    Usually when we have some negative things in our ...

  5. When someone hurts us, we get into depression.

    How can others hurt you? Those who hurt others are foolish. Will you blame anyone who is actually foolish or is mentally ill? No, isn’t it?
    So, just think that those who hurt you are either foolish or ill. If you think like this, then you will not fee ...
  6. Gurudev, there is amazing energy during and after the course. It is like an explosion. But then I do things that bring my energy down in 2-3 days. What can I do to avoid it this time?

    Energy fluctuates, but don't be concerned about it too much. You seem to have too much free time, looking at your own energy, whether it is going up or down. Keep yourself busy. When you are busy, everything falls in place.
    Where is the ...
  7. My son has been diagnosed with bipolar for five years. He is my only son and I have been suffering every moment of his pain. I was a very happy woman before this but now I am on 150mg of anti-depressants. Now, I want you to assure me there will be no sicknesses like manic depression or any other sicknesses that are incurable.

    Yes, I understand your pain.
    Sometimes a little depression comes and a person is given heavy doses of medicines and then it becomes worse. I have seen this happening.
    Small simple depression turns into manic depression and then they put them on L ...
  8. How do we find our life’s mission?

    To realize one’s mission, your mind has to become clear. And doing Hollow and Empty meditation makes the mind very clear. When the mind is clear then intuition comes up.
    Think how best I can be of use to people, and when you become useful to people ar ...
  9. What do I do to come out of depression?

    Don’t just sit and keep thinking about yourself. 'What will happen to me?'
    What is going to happen to you? You keep thinking about it and get depressed. You are here in this world to do some work for the society.
    You have come in this world to th ...
  10. Gurudev, can you pull me out of depression that I am facing?

    There is no way you are in satsang and you are depressed.
    See sometimes this is what happens when you go to psychologists. They give you an idea that you are depressed. And then you put this idea into your mind, ‘oh! I am depressed!’
    So you are r ...
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