Women Leaders3

Shabari The beautiful villages in the North-East of India have been ravaged by many challenges, due to lack of infrastructure, callous development, and militancy. Shabari created a revolution in education in the Northeast, and presently takes care of 46 tribal schools, most of which teach first-generation learners. She has gone door to-door, encouraging parents to send their children to school. Shabari’s dedication to a progressive Northeast has helped galvanize development and create a better future for the residents there. “The inherent qualities like love, care and compassion were already there in me like other women. Gurudev’s vision has empowered my vision. The boundaries of my family have spread until the horizon. By Guruji’s grace, courage and confidence got reflected in me for spreading his knowledge and sharing love and compassion with people living in places where even a gutsy man would be afraid to go.”

  Badakhshan province