YOUTH & love

Can love happen twice? Husband and wife are already in a relationship? Can husband or wife start loving someone else?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Tell me are you single or married? Ok, so you are single. If you are married and your wife tells you that she loves someone else, then how will you feel? (I will feel bad.) If you flirt with someone else, she will feel the same. Once you decide to get married, then just be faithful. Before choosing you can look for suitable match, but once you decide, settle down. Is that a good idea? Rise in love, don't fall in love. I see that so many youth, they are in love with someone and the person they are in love with someone else, so they make a whole emotional mess in the mind. Please don’t do that. Love is eternal and life is eternal. If it is not coming to you in one form, wait it will come to you in another form.