Part 1 Testimonial_3

I took the basic Course in the year 1997 with the dear Enrique Ferreira like Instructor. For those days I was extremely affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis and an Anaemia which practically had me with very scarce mobility, to the point that I arrived to the course almost carried by my friends and course partners. That weekend was wonderful, during the first Kriya, Enrique had to wake me up from time to time because I felt asleep due to my condition; but a second it was the explosion: I began to cry and to cry without being able to stop and I felt like to cry with fury but I didn't know why. In certain moment I stopped to weeping and such a wave of laughs came and laughter that literally failed on the floor. I returned home without any pain and with an overflowing happiness. My husband and my son were with their open mouth, when they saw me go up the house stairways, dancing Cumbia!!!!They had seen me go up them very slowly, with a lot of difficulty, leaning on in the handrails or sitting, rotating the steps. The physical recovery was alone a flash of the changes in my interior: today I know what the forgiveness is, the happiness, is the detachment, the happiness, and many other beautiful things. I am instructor of RAS. , I collaborate with the administrative part of the Foundation and with the Books and Tapes sales. I give thanks to Sri Sri and I am willing to serve Him and the Foundation in whatever way He wishes.

Martha de Colmenares

Costa Rica

  Badakhshan province