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  1. Did Lord Ram and Devi Sita really exist?

    Yes, I know that they did exist. It was seven and a half thousand years ago. Recently, scientists through some of their research have confirmed that it (Ramayana) really did happen. You know, any story which is a lie cannot stay for a very long t ...
  2. Dearest Gurudev, are there any correlations between Kato Upanishad and Bardo Thodol of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, or are they two different ways to approach death?

    Kato Upanishad is an ancient text. And His Holiness Dalai Lama himself has said, "We consider Hinduism as the mother of Buddhism and it is through that that we have got our Tibetan Buddhism".So, it is from Hinduism that Buddhism has bran ...
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