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  1. The breath is so powerful. How does it work in connecting us to the subtle dimension?

    My dear, in the subtle you are already connected. The breath only makes you realize that you are connected.
    Your mind is always outside and it does not come back to itself, so the breath is the first step in bringing the outgoing mind inward. It is t ...

  2. Gurudev, when I want to excel in a field, I am subjected to a lot of stress, like at work. I have continuous stress that I can’t escape because of which I don’t sleep well. How to get peace?

    Do you know what stress is? Too much to do, too little time, and no energy, that is called stress.
    So, either you increase your energy, or reduce your work load. You obviously can’t reduce your work load, or increase the time, but you ca ...
  3. What is Prana? I only know that it is subtler than the breath. Has science discovered something in this field? Are there other dimensions of our life that science also agrees to?

    : Yes.
    I was recently reading this book called The Proof of Heaven, written by a neurologist. He writes about his experiences when he went into coma. He died clinically and had an out of body experience, and so he has written about his e ...
  4. Does the Nadi give us any signs? What does it say now?

    Yes, now the Nadi says, ’Keep quiet’ (Checking the flow of breath from his nostrils).
    When both the Nadis (subtle energy channels) are running, it means keep quiet, don’t say anything, just meditate. But they change, everything ch ...
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