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  1. Gurudev, you say that ‘Sukhasya dukhasya nakopi daata’ (No one gives us pain or pleasure except our own mind). So is there no effect of our actions on others at all then?

    What we do affects others only to the extent that they take it (i.e. choose to accept or be affected by it). If they do not take it, then no matter what you do, it won’t affect them at all, be it good or bad. There lived a saint named Diogenes, who was ens ...
  2. Gurudev, Over the years, the Santana Dharma has been defined by so many Rishis. How can one maintain the purity of Dharma?

    By keeping away the superstitions and by being progressive. Dharma is always scientific in nature. Dharma never contradicts Science. Science is a growing subject though. And purity of dharma is maintained by pure intentions. ...
  3. Gurudev, is possible for me to be spiritual in spite of not being religious? Is Dharma necessary?

    See, spirituality is a part of religion. Spirituality unites everyone. It is an experience from within. It is the essence of all religions.
    If you say that I will be both spiritual and irreligious also, then that is not possible. Religion has its own ...
  4. Gurudev, Krishna says, ‘The desire that is not opposed to Dharma, is me.’ Can you please tell us how to identify which desires are in alignment and which are opposed to Dharma?

    The desires which are common, natural, and do not produce any guilt, fear or discomfort in you, or take you away from your naturalness is called Dharmic (in line with Dharma). Anything that shakes you, burns you, or makes you uncomfortable; t ...
  5. Gurudev, you have spoken much about food and the breath. Would you like to say something about clothes as well? Should we only wear traditional clothes?

    Wear comfortable clothes, but I do not prefer wearing those torn clothes and jeans for which you pay so much money. It looks so shabby.
    I have heard that if there are holes in the jeans, you have to pay more money for that! This you should not do.
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