30th Anniversary of the
Bangalore Ashram

13 Nov 2010
An Ashram is a place where there is no shram/effort.Keeping the mind at peace and letting divinity flow through you iseffortlessness. And when does that happen? When you are at ease with yourselfand the surroundings. And this is, in fact, the significance of the Ashram –where you are at home. 

Today is the30th anniversary of the Ashram. This was a barren land before that, and therewas nothing but rocks. The land has been transformed into a beautiful place. Thishas all happened because of the meditation, seva and satsang.

When you haveexperienced inner peace, then either the Ashram has no significance or all theplaces become an Ashram for you. Yet till then, the Ashram and its vibrations,do have an impact. So, on this occasion of the 30th anniversary ofthe Ashram, be at home, be at Ashram, and be at peace with yourself. Whereveryou are, make it an Ashram. Every home becomes an Ashram, this should be ourwish!

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